Exercising With Diabetes

Senior Couple Walking In Summer Countryside

Eating right is the key to success with diabetes, but physical activity also plays an important role. Exercise helps your body manage diabetes better on a cellular level.

When you exercise your cells can become more sensitive to insulin, so the whole glucose/insulin system can work more like it should. Your body also uses sugar from the blood in a whole different way during exercise which results in better blood sugar levels as well.

Studies show that consistent exercise can help lower your hemoglobin A1C and decrease your need for medications. This is in addition to all the other benefits of exercise, like weight loss, stress relief, lower blood pressure, and decreased risk of heart disease, to name a few.

Exercise paired with meal planning at www.Stressfree.Recipes can make managing your diabetes easier and get you on the road to a healthier you.

Start tomorrow with a 30-minute brisk walk and our Greek-Style Stuffed Chicken dinner http://www.stressfreerecipes.com/recipe/details/512.

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