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Our cutting edge software will automate meal planning tasks, including the tedious ones like finding healthy foods, eating with health issues, and making shopping lists.

Dear household manager,

When was the last time your doctor talked to you about nutrition?

15 minutes just leaves no time.

Seriously, the 15 minute doctor visit leaves no time for talking about what you eat.

I know all about this -- I'm one of those doctors, frustrated as I've watched nutrition get put on the back burner across the industry.

So why not use technology to make good nutrition accessible to everyone?

That's exactly what I set out to do.

I figured out how to bring the clinic to you.

(When it comes to nutrition anyway.)

It's taken me 4 years, but I'm now ready to help you reap the benefits of a diet that is not just healthy, but also so delicious your family will be begging for seconds.

So even if you are gluten-free, your toddler has a peanut allergy, and your spouse is diabetic, it is vital that you keep reading because I am going to tell you about something that will help you put it all together, get organized, and save time.

I'm A Doctor Who Gets It

Hi I'm Candice Wood. I am a wife and mother of 3 spirited kids all under age 5.  I'm also a physician who specializes in women's health and wellness. I've taken a keen interest in the role of nutrition in promoting wellness. Here's what I've learned in my practice:

  • Nutrition is one of the most underappreciated areas of health care.
  • People are forced to sift through a ton of misinformation to find the truth on their own.
  • There is much we do know but are not utilizing effectively.
  • For maximum health impact, the best approach is to cut out the myths and go ALL IN with the facts.

My technology will bring good nutrition to your home -- accessible to everybody, yet personalized for you.

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As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I am often amazed by how traditional medicine is letting patients down when it comes to nutrition counseling. Nutrition is one of the most unappreciated areas of health care. The 15 minute doctor visit leaves no time for talking about nutrition, forcing patients to sift through a ton of misinformation to get to the truth on their own. There is much we know as fact, but there's also a lot of fiction out there. My approach is to cut out the scammy stuff and take what we do know about nutrition and really leverage that knowledge to maximize its impact on your health. Since this information is no longer coming from your clinic, it's time to think outside the box. How can we get evidence-based nutritional practices into your home when you're not getting them from your doctor?

The solution came to me one night while I was nursing my newborn (I always do my best thinking this way). My mind was reeling, going over all the considerations that go into feeding a growing family, eg how to eat right while pregnant, while lactating, or when feeding little ones; how to keep my family excited about home cooking; how to account for food sensitivities and health problems; in short, how to be mommy superstar! And then it occurred to me: all of this should be easier, it should be in one place, and it should be accessible to everyone. With the right technology, this whole process could be automated!

Empowered by that epiphany, I have spent the last 4 years developing Stressfree Recipes. Poised at the intersection of nutrition, medicine, and technology, Stressfree Recipes is like a fully automated expert dietary consultation, accessible to anyone with a computer, yet completely personalized for you.

Let's Face It, It's Hard Enough To Get Dinner On The Table...

...let alone make sure that what we're eating is good for us.

Time Is A Precious Commodity.

As a busy physician and mother, I know what it's like to be in a rush and feed the family without a plan.

That was me, making it up as I walked down the grocery store aisle, or writing down recipe items on little pieces of scratch paper that I could never find.

I found that I was wasting time and money, and making it difficult to make healthy choices as I often defaulted to the take-out drive thru. I became frustrated with cooking as I learned some harsh realities, like:

  • Providing meals for the family without a plan wastes time and money.

    Life is busy enough. Trying to piece together meals by searching for recipes or writing down recipe items on a shopping list are wastes of time that could be spent with the family. When shopping without a meal plan we tend to buy things we don’t need, or we buy too much, both of which waste money.

  • When it comes to nutrition, it's hard to know what information to trust.

    There is so much information about health and nutrition out there, it is hard to know who to believe. Much of what we read is conflicting, forcing us to make decisions based on trust and credibility.

  • Most recipe searches don't account for our cooking preferences or health needs.

    Recipe searches often show us meals that are too hard, take too long to make, or don’t account for our health issues.

  • Meal planning websites offer the same meal plans to everyone; nothing is personalized for my needs.

    In this age of personalized health care, why should my gluten-free meal plan be the same as everyone else’s, with the same shopping list? What about foods I don’t like or food allergies? What about kitchen prep time and cook time?

  • Cooking on a budget is hard.

    Providing meals for the family without an organized plan can result in spoiled unused food and excess leftovers, both of which waste money.

Now Here Is The Question I Spent 4 Years Answering:


What makes up your ideal diet?

Of course, everyone's dietary needs are different.

In fact...

your ideal diet is unique to you and unlike anybody else's.

So I set out to find a system that applies certain nutrition fundamentals...

...yet accounts for the things that make you unique.

I spent countless months scouring:

  • Libraries
  • Reference Books
  • Medical Journals
  • Expert Guidelines

whatever it took to piece together my formulas for the ideal diet.

What emerged is a system for eating right...


...a system that is

fully customizable &

all inclusive.


I've made this system EASY for you to use...

...and it can be yours TODAY!

I call it...




A web-based meal planning assistant that learns your health conditions, culinary preferences, and kitchen comfort level in order to create for you a customized dietary plan.

Stressfree Recipes

At the intersection of medicine, nutrition, and technology. There is nothing else like it out there.

Create Your Taste Profile

From a five minute, 11 step questionnaire we learn about your culinary likes, dislikes, health issues, food sensitivities, and kitchen preferences.

Put The Recipe Genius To Work

Stressfree Recipes then searches a database of thousands of recipes and selects those that are ideally matched to your Taste Profile, all taking just a few seconds.

Build Your Calendar

You then choose from the matched recipes to build a meal plan on a 7 day calendar. You can simply pick what you're in the mood for -- each recipe is already perfectly matched to your preferences and health issues.

Shopping Lists Are A Snap

With just one click you can create a shopping list for every item on the calendar. You can add odds and ends to the list or delete items you already have.

Create A Recipe

You can also create your own recipes from that 3 ring binder of batter-stained family recipes.

Nutrition Facts

Every recipe has a label of nutrition facts, even the recipes you enter!

Here's How  My "Recipe" For Good Health...

...takes into account


Nutrition Fundamentals


your Personal Biology.

Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Calcium
  • Saturated Fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Fiber
  • Iron

All are carefully calculated in grams or milligrams per serving, according to formulas based on gender, size, and health conditions.

Personal Biology

  • Food Allergies

    We’ll remember which foods are off limits for you or someone in your family.

  • Preferred Diet

    Gluten Free, Paleo, or Vegan? Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

  • Health Conditions

    Celiac Disease, Pregnancy and Lactation, and many more!

  • Hold The Mayo

    We’ll make sure you never see the ingredients and cuisines you don’t care for.

  • Prep and Cook Time

    Tell us how much time you have for cooking.

  • Recipe Complexity

    From boiling to braising, you tell us what you’re up for.

Putting It All Together...

  • Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Personal Biology

Stressfree Recipes


Your Ideal Diet

With Stressfree Recipes I've Done My Homework To Ensure That You Are Eating The Foods That Are Right For You.

How would you like to have more time with your family and peace of mind knowing that you're eating right?

Stressfree Recipes will help you:

  • Save Time!

    Plan a week’s worth of meals in 5 minutes. No more time spent researching nutrition and health needs for your family, we’ve done it all for you.

  • Personalize your diet.

    Your Stressfree Recipes meal plan is tailored specifically to you. Tell us your allergies, health issues, and kitchen skill level, our Recipe Genius will present you with a choice of ideal meals to choose from.

  • Free yourself from the handwritten shopping list.

    With one click we’ll create a shopping list from your meal plan. Print or email the list, or view it on your smart phone in the store.

  • Reap the health benefits of following your ideal diet.

    Following meal plans helps us achieve health goals, feel more energy, and maintain ideal weight. Cooking at home is the first step toward better health.

  • Flexibility.

    Plan meals around your schedule. Choose from the Recipe Genius recommendations, use your own recipes, or search our database for something you’re craving.

I'm a busy working professional who is constantly trying to balance eating well with a hectic lifestyle. Knowing what to eat is confusing. I didn't want to be on a diet and I try to avoid fad diets. I just really want to be healthy. Enter Stressfree Recipes, the meal planning service that learns my personal health needs and balances that with all the other aspects of healthy living. The time and frustration saved are amazing.

Elle Phoenix, AZ

I absolutely love the meal customization and nutritional information that is so readily available. The recipes are quick and easy.  Best of all we stopped eating out every night and ended up eating a lot of fantastic new meals!

Megan P.
Megan P. Sacramento, CA

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That's right, a one-time payment of $57 gets you Stressfree Recipes for life. I will never ask for another dime.

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Candice Wood, MD, Stressfree Recipes

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How Do We Compare To Our Competitors?

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  • Fresh20

  • You Set The Diet Plan

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  • Shopping List

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  • You Choose The Meal

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  • Filter Food Allergies

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  • Health Conditions

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  • Prep and Cook Time

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  • Recipe Complexity

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  • imgres-7-e1421126727534

  • Nutrition Facts Label

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  • Recipe Pictures

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  • Money Back Guarantee

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  • Create Your Own Recipe

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Now You Can Achieve Your Health Goals and Maintain Your Ideal Weight.


Get started today - here is what you get:

  • Access to my fully customizable, all-inclusive meal planning system for eating right.
  • My formulas apply sound nutrition fundamentals while unlocking the secrets of your personal biology.
  • Armed with your Taste Profile, I will create your ideal diet, customized just for you.
  • My 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • Achieve health goals, feel more energy, and maintain ideal weight.
  • Create your own recipes from your collection. Save them in your Recipe Box.
  • Nutrition labels for every meal -- even the recipes that you enter.
  • One-click shopping lists.
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You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What's my Taste Profile?

    A.You have a great Taste Profile, and it’s unlike anyone else’s. In fact, your Taste Profile is actually what powers the Recipe Genius, allowing it to deliver perfectly customized meal plans made just for you. But to get there, we need to do a little math first. Calculating your unique Taste Profile is as easy as pie with Stressfree Recipes’ technology: height, weight, gender & age + activity level + food allergies + diet preferences + health issues + food & flavor preferences + kitchen ability = your Taste Profile.

  • Q.What's the Recipe Genius?

    A.Armed with your unique Taste Profile, the Recipe Genius dives head first into the recipe database to find, plan and deliver nutritious meals that have been hand created and/or hand picked by Dr. Candice Wood. The Recipe Genius ensures you get more personalized meal plans and healthy, doctor-approved recipes you and your family will love. It also means no more boring meals, no more dinnertime dilemmas, and no more stress over wondering what’s best for you and your family.

  • Q.Where do the recipes come from?

    A.All recipes come from the Stressfree Recipes Database. It’s where every Stressfree recipe is stored. Hand picked by a team of doctors, each recipe is specially designed to satisfy your unique Taste Profile and deliver healthy, nutritious meals for you and your family. There’s a lot of technology and science that goes into the recipe database, but we just like to think of it as the lab where the Recipe Genius picks the perfect recipes for you.

  • Q.What's the Dashboard?

    A.Welcome to Command Central! As soon as you log in to Stressfree Recipes, you’ll be greeted by your Dashboard, which is where the Recipe Genius delivers all of your customized meals. Browse through the Recipe Genius offerings, then drag-and-drop your choices to the calendar. From here, you can also search for recipes, add recipes to your personal Recipe Box, and create a Shopping List—it’s everything you need, all in one convenient place. We like to think of it as the cherry on top of an already perfect hot fudge sundae.

  • Q.What's the Recipe Box?

    A.Now you have a place to digitize and store all your favorite recipes: your Recipe Box. From Grandma’s famous pot roast to your crowd-pleasing chocolate chip cookies, archive your own recipes now, so we can add them into your meal plans for later. In addition, the recipes you enter into the Recipe Box can remain private so only you can see them, or make them public for everyone in the Stressfree community to enjoy-its all up to you! Found a recipe in the recipe database you want to try? Save it to your Recipe Box, where it will wait until you’re ready.

  • Q.How do I use the Shopping List?

    A.The Stressfree Recipes Shopping List was created to be smart. Want to know how smart? It takes any 7 day period, consolidates and organizes all the ingredients you’ll need, and delivers it in one perfect list. Already have an ingredient, like flour or sugar? Simply delete it. Need something else, like laundry detergent or dog food? Go ahead and add it. Once you’re done, simply print the Shopping List or email it to yourself, and then it’s off to the store. How’s that for stress-free?


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